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World has been gripped by pandemic Covid -19. We are providing high quality products at an ultra-affordable price. ONergy Care has inhouse production of everyday products like face mask, face shield and other protective gear. In addition creating a B2B aggregator Platform network to bring together genuine bulk buyers and manufacturers across India through various platforms.Within a few weeks of launching we have already sold/secured orders of 7.5lac+ products to various corporates, institutions and corporate bodies.
ONergy Cares is an integral part of the ON Conglomerate. The ON Group started its journey in 2008 with a deep commitment to Sustainable and Equitable India. Under its umbrella, are highly successful enterprises working across Clean Energy (ONergy Solar), Organic food (ONganic), Skill Building(ON Skills) along with our non-profit arm, Switch ON.

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our Products

Safety Goggles

  • Design approved by Govt. of West Bengal
  • Polycarbonate Frame
  • Stylish
  • Supplied along with PPE kit as safety gear to protect from viruses

Face Shield

  • Design approved by Dept. of health, Govt. of West Bengal
  • PPE plastic head band
  • 175 mmicron sheet
  • Easy to wipe after sanitising
  • Comfortable even after long hours

Cloth Mask

  • Double Layer
  • 100% Cotton
  • String also Cotton and not elastic for longevity
  • Family Pack masks avaialble with 8 masks (adult)+2 Children

Sanitising Solutions

  • Footbased Dispenser
  • UVC disinfectant products

B2B Aggregator Network

Our objective is to promote highly affordable products available to all, we are connecting buyers to sellers through various social media platforms such as whatsapp groups and other social media platforms to ensure your bulk purchases and sales are immediately met at the best price.  Weekly we are selling more than 5,00,000 products.If you wish to be a part of our B2B Network at various platforms. Please fill

Make your PPE kits more affordable

We are supplying different components to PPE makers and assemblers

Make a mark, buy a mask

High quality masks are made by Self Help women group (SHG’s )trained by Project Karuna that has supported 10,00,000 families during Covid -19 with distribution of food and essentials. 

Promote Livelihoods while protecting yourself.

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If you are interested to be part of our B2B aggregator network at various platforms please fill up the form in the link -

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1A, DL Khan Road. Jaju Bhawan. Kolkata-700027
Phone: +91-8240428742